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Expired warranty? We're still here for you!
To get service just follow these steps:
1. Diagnose the problem

If you purchased an Orbit Micro system warranty has expired and your having hardware problems, you can take advantage of our post warranty system repair service on a fee basis.

Call our support line at 1-877-722-1116 and give the technician the serial number of your system located on the exterior of the PC, or the inside of the PC.

For the low cost of $65, the technician will diagnose the problem to determine if there has been a hardware failure. If the technician determines that there is a hardware failure, the technician will assist you with step 2 or 3. Separate fees are applicable for parts and/or labor repair.

2. Receive parts that you can install yourself

The technician assisting you can give you a quote for the replacement parts the you will need, and then ship them to you so you can repair the system yourself.

Our support staff is available to you for assisting with the installation.

3. Parts that require professional repair/installation

On-Site Service
If you require immediate on-site assistance with installing the replacement components. The technician assisting you will schedule a convenient time to come by your location and fix your system

Onsite labor cost will be determined at the time of the call.

Depot Repair
Our hassle-free depot repair service is the best and most cost effective professional repair service we offer. For just $99 we will install the replacement hardware parts in your system, as well as do a checkup on the entire system and find any other hardware problems that might occur.