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Project Logistics ...we reduce leadtimes and maintain inventory for your project that facilitates a quick turn around time...At Orbit Micro we understand that for the customer time is of the essence, and that sometimes it is difficult for the customer to provide scheduled forecasts for large quantity orders. But when the time comes that you place your order, you need it ASAP or yesterday. We partner ourselves with many nationwide suppliers, so procuring parts and materials can be facilitated very quickly without your order's shipment date. For items that we know in advance have extended lead times, we will go ahead and stock these parts for your project ahead of time. By taking these measures we can ensure that your orders ship on time or in emergency cases we can be able to ship out large quantity orders in the same day.

We can also maintain an inventory level of your finished product at our warehouse that can be blind drop shipped to your customer. Therefore saving you on transportation costs to your facility.

Brain Electrical Activity Monitoring and Recording
Brain Electrical Activity Monitoring and Recording This customer required an extremely dense system with high performance computing power and advanced graphics capability; to be used for direct neural sensing in the brain, real-time neural signal decoding and neural stimulation.
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Long Range Temperature Monitoring
Brain Electrical Activity Monitoring and Recording For this customer’s project they required a rugged system to measure temperatures over a long distance for oil and gas wells and underground power cables.  This system also had to be able withstand extreme temperatures, shock, vibration, humidity, EMI and RFI.
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