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Private Labeling/OEM Customization

Private Labeling/OEM Customization Orbit Micro is capable of providing you with a total solution as well as branding it as your own product. We are experienced in custom chassis design, chassis powder coating/painting, full color graphics, silk screening, injection molding, branded boxes, logos, manuals, documentation, and custom bios.

Custom Chassis Design
If you find chassis that we already have off the shelf but find that some of the features do not meet your exact requirement, don't worry our in house staff and re-design and tweak it to fit your needs. We also have the capability to design fully custom enclosures, just send in your CAD design or a sketch drawing of your requirements. Then one of our design engineers will review your requirements and assist you with your project. Once the design has been approved, a documentation process for the manufacturing and assembly process will be written. A prototype unit will be provided to the customer for final approval and for revision changes. After we receive approvals for the design and the prototype from the customer we will then begin production.

Private Labeling/OEM Customization Chassis Powder Coating/Painting
Increase the impact of your enclosure with one of our chassis coloring options. Powder coating is most durable and common form of chassis coloring. The coating is applied as a free flowing powder and heated to cause it to flow and adhere to the surface, creating a hard coating. For lower volume projects, chassis painting is the way to go. While not as durable as a powder coat finish, painted finished have lower setup costs and still offer a striking finish.

Full Color Graphics and Silk Screening
For full color graphics, logos, and case wraps, silk screening is the easiest and best method to use. Your design or logo is "printed" onto a screen which is made of a piece of porous, finely woven fabric often polyester or nylon. The screen is then placed onto the part being printed and ink is forced through the screen.

Injection Molding
Injection molding is a technique for making parts from plastic material. This process can be used to make custom parts or to color existing parts with the color of your choice; such as front bezels, removable hard drive trays, buttons, and wind tunnels. Depending on the item that you need made or re-colored this technique is best suited for larger quantity projects, since there are usually high minimum quantities involved and tooling charges.

Branded Boxes/Manuals and Documentation
In addition to branding the product itself to make it yours, we can provide you with custom packaging customized for your product with your logo and insignia on the outside. We can also assist with providing custom system guides, manuals, and information CD / DVDs bearing your logo and information.

Custom BIOSCustom BIOS
Whether you need an IRQ changed, a featured added or disabled to make room for more conventional memory Orbit Micro has the capability to design develop custom BIOS solutions for your applications or with your logo on them.

BIOS Applications
  • Embedded Systems
  • Single Board Computers
  • "Headless" Systems
  • Internet Appliances
  • Set-Top Boxes
Brain Electrical Activity Monitoring and Recording
Brain Electrical Activity Monitoring and Recording This customer required an extremely dense system with high performance computing power and advanced graphics capability; to be used for direct neural sensing in the brain, real-time neural signal decoding and neural stimulation.
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Long Range Temperature Monitoring
Brain Electrical Activity Monitoring and Recording For this customer’s project they required a rugged system to measure temperatures over a long distance for oil and gas wells and underground power cables.  This system also had to be able withstand extreme temperatures, shock, vibration, humidity, EMI and RFI.
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