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Step 3: Final Inspection and QA

Final Inspection and QAThe Final Inspection and QA phase is what separates us from our competitors and what keeps you happy.

Before your order is shipped, a QA inspector will do a component audit on the hardware and software against the original order as well the quote. Cable connections, front panel LEDs, switches, IO ports, internal card configurations, cooling dynamics, and customer comments are some of the items that will be checked in the audit. In addition to the audit the QA inspector will also inspect driver installations and software configurations.

The system will then be put through a burn in and test program such as Microscope 2000, to ensure full system functionality. Special testing software can be used, upon customer request. Other testing includes power cycling, thermal cycling and repetitive use tests.

After the system is inspected and tested, your Orbit MIcro Account Manger will then inspect the final product and sign off on its quality and delivery.

Stage 4: Delivery and Support

Brain Electrical Activity Monitoring and Recording
Brain Electrical Activity Monitoring and Recording This customer required an extremely dense system with high performance computing power and advanced graphics capability; to be used for direct neural sensing in the brain, real-time neural signal decoding and neural stimulation.
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Long Range Temperature Monitoring
Brain Electrical Activity Monitoring and Recording For this customer’s project they required a rugged system to measure temperatures over a long distance for oil and gas wells and underground power cables.  This system also had to be able withstand extreme temperatures, shock, vibration, humidity, EMI and RFI.
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