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Step 4: Delivery and Support

DeliveryFrom production, the final product is then received into the warehouse, where the whole unit is serialized to track all parts used within that product.

Your ordered is then packed and shipped off to you using any shipping carrier or freight service that you specify. Tracking information is then sent to you automatically via email.

But our service does not stop there, Orbit Micro provides toll-free technical dynamic support options. What does that mean? Well first we provide free technical support for the life of the product. Second, our support capabilities extend to supporting your software and providing the first line of support for your product to your customers. If your customer's support need extends beyond our support agreement or pertains to an issue that you are responsible for we, are able to do warm transfers directly to your support board and conference in on the call if necessary.

If you have a problem that we can not fix over the phone, we can send a technician to your location or your customer's locations to replace the defective component. Or the defective system can be sent our location for repair.

Advanced replacement service warranties are also available for customers who can't afford downtime due to a defect.

Brain Electrical Activity Monitoring and Recording
Brain Electrical Activity Monitoring and Recording This customer required an extremely dense system with high performance computing power and advanced graphics capability; to be used for direct neural sensing in the brain, real-time neural signal decoding and neural stimulation.
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Long Range Temperature Monitoring
Brain Electrical Activity Monitoring and Recording For this customer’s project they required a rugged system to measure temperatures over a long distance for oil and gas wells and underground power cables.  This system also had to be able withstand extreme temperatures, shock, vibration, humidity, EMI and RFI.
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