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Custom DevelopmentOrbit Micro's ability to meet customer specifications, for various types of computer systems has been our biggest strength. We offer existing product modification as well as ground up complete system design.

No Large Minimum Quantity Order Requirements
Sure there are other companies that offer custom designed systems, but they require minimum quantity orders as well as outrageous customization fees. Where we thrive is in small quantity custom system orders, even for single system orders. However we are still fully capable of handling larger projects.

Custom system configurations
Orbit Micro has the technical expertise to create a completely custom hardware platform that delivers performance and abilities that you need. For example, custom system considerations might include CPU speed, expansion slots, full-length card requirement, chassis depth limitations, branding, cooling, ruggedization, chassis configuration, software, and operating system installation. Just about anything you need, Orbit Micro can build.

Custom chassis development
In case none of the many off-the-self chassis that we have do not meet any of your requirements, we offer our chassis OEM service for both large and small projects. Send us your requirements or even a simple drawing on a napkin and our engineers will draw up a CAD design for you.

Custom software installation
Whether its customer provided software, Orbit Micro developed software, third-party procured software, Orbit Micro can configure and install your software for you. Therefore mainstreaming your deployment process by providing and out-of-the-box solution that is ready to go.

Custom bios/splash screens
Orbit Micro can create a custom BIOS with your custom settings as the default, making it easy to clear the BIOS when necessary without having to reload your settings. We can also include your logo on the BIOS splash screen on most COTS motherboards.

Orbit Micro teams with partners to provide innovative board level design and manufacturing as well as custom designed custom cases and rackmounts. We can modify our current product offering to meet your needs, or we can design a completely new product for you.

Brain Electrical Activity Monitoring and Recording
Brain Electrical Activity Monitoring and Recording This customer required an extremely dense system with high performance computing power and advanced graphics capability; to be used for direct neural sensing in the brain, real-time neural signal decoding and neural stimulation.
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Long Range Temperature Monitoring
Brain Electrical Activity Monitoring and Recording For this customer’s project they required a rugged system to measure temperatures over a long distance for oil and gas wells and underground power cables.  This system also had to be able withstand extreme temperatures, shock, vibration, humidity, EMI and RFI.
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