Helix 2300SX-H
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Helix 2300SX-H
Helix 2300SX-H
Helix 2300SX-H
Helix 2300SX-H
Helix 2300SX-H
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System Features

Vortex86SX SoC(366MHz)

» Onboard 128MB DDR2 RAM
» 3 x USB 2.0 Ports (two at front)
» 1x Type I/II Compact Flash Slot
» XGI Graphics Z9S with 32MB DDR
» 1x 10/100MBs Ethernet
Vortex86SX Vortex86SX
The Vortex86SX Microprocesor is a SOC (System on Chip) with 0.13 micron process and ultra low power consumption(less than 1 watt).

Compatible with DOS, Linux and Windows CE based operating systems. The x86 32bit Processor Core also integrates 32KB write through direct map L1 cache, PCI 32-bit bus operating at 33MHz, DDR2, ROM controller, IPC with DMA and interrupt timer/controller, Fast Ethernet MAC, FIFO UART, USB 2.0 and IDE controller.

Key Capabilities

  • Thin Client
  • NAT Router
  • Home Gateway
  • Access Point
  • Tablet PC

Fanless System, for ultimate reliability

Fanless Systems are great for environments where dust and dirt predominate and are ideal for locations requiring silent operation. Our systems utilize heat pipe technology and aluminum fins for passive cooling. The absence of moving fans reduces the failure rate of systems in harsh environments.

In addition to being fanless this system offers a sealed enclosure from the elements. Even in the most clean and climate-controlled environments, dust and potentially conductive debris will be infused into the unit over time. The picture to the left shows a unit that was returned for service after approximately two years of operation in a computer room environment (not generally considered to be a harsh environment). Infused debris can cause bridging of circuits due to conductive material coming to rest across insulating barriers. Alternately, dust build up acts as a reservoir for ionic contaminates and moisture entrapment from humidity. Over time, these can enable the growth of conductive dendrites that may ultimately bridge insulating barriers

Read more about the benefits of a fanless system

Helix 2300SX-H  
Processor & Chipset
CPU Socket Onboard
Processor Vortex86SX SoC(366MHz)
Number of processors (std/max) 1/1
Processor Cooling Passive Heatsink
Memory Capacity Onboard 128MB DDR2 RAM
Standard / Integrated Devices
Graphics XGI Z9S with 32MB DDR up to Up to 1024 x 768 Resolution
I/O Ports
Front Panel I/O Ports 2x USB 2.0 Ports
1x Type I/II Compact Flash
Rear Panel I/O Ports

1x RJ-45 Port
1x USB 2.0 Port
1x PS/2 Port

Storage and Media
Number of hard drives supported 1x 2.5" Hard Drive
Interface type supported IDE
Chassis and Power Supply
Dimensions 115 x 115 x 35 mm
Weight 505g
Power Supply
15W External Power Adapter.
Input: 100-240VAC 60/50Hz, 1A

Output: 5~5.25VDC @ 3A max

Operating temperature 0 - 60 °C (32° to 140 ° F)
Helix 2300SX Manual   696.45 kB