90W 12V DC-DC Mini ATX power supply
 Part Number: picoPSU-90   SKU Number: 6439
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90W 12V DC-DC Mini ATX power supply
90W 12V DC-DC Mini ATX power supply
  • 90W
  • 12VDC input
  • 100% silent, fanless
  • Over 95% efficiency
  • Plugs directly into the ATX connector
  • 12V-ATX cable
  • D945GCLF, D945GCLF2friendly (has 4 pin P4 cable)
  • ROHS compliant
Cool power. Operating at only 12V, the picoPSU-90 dc-dc ATX power supply delivers 90 Watts of power. picoPSU provides plenty of power (via ATX connector and HDD cable harness) for CPU and an entire range of peripherals.

100% Silent The picoPSU-90 mini PSU is a 100% silent fanless dc to dc solution. No fans, no noise, just power for small and silent PCs.

picoPSU-90 is a fully compliant DC-DC ATX PC PSU. It can power VIA mini-ITX boards with C7 / nanoprocessors, Pentium-M, Core Duo versions and low power AMD processors.

picoPSU-90 ATX DC-DC converter is very small, measuring just 31x45x13mm, about the size of two AA batteries, picoPSU-90 is also 1U ServerRack compliant.

CE / FCC / VCCI Certifications need to be obtained separately.

Main Specifications
Input Voltage 12V regulated, min=1A, max=10A (load dependent). Overvoltage shutdown will occur at ~13-13.5V
Output Wattage 90Watts
Power Ratings
(Max Load = 80 Watts)
Volts (V) Max Load (A) Peak Load (A) Regulation %
5V 6A 7A +/- 1.5%
5VSB 1.5A 2A +/- 1.5%
3.3V 5A* 7A +/- 1.5%
-12V 0.05A 0.01A +/- 5%
12V 5A 7A Switched input
*At max load, forced air ventilation is required. For fanless or improper ventilation operation derate the output of the 3.3 and 5V rails until PSU temperature falls below 65C. Peak load should not exceed 60 seconds. Combined max power output should not exceed more than 90watts.
DC-Jack Female, panel mount, 2.5 x 5.5 x 10 mm
Requires 5mm/2.5mm male barrel jack
Overload protection Over load protection will be effected when either of the loads (+5V & +3.3V) exceeds > 150% Max Load.
Turn-on Delay After turning on, at least 20 ms will be needed for the rise of +5VSB output voltage (measured from 10% to 95%) to reach its peak.
Remote ON/OFF control Logic level is LOW - Output voltage is enabled (PS_ON pin)
Logic level is HIGH - Output voltage is disabled (PS_ON pin)
Operating environment Temperature: -20 to 65 degree centigrade.
NOTE: Thermal shutdown occurs at 105-115C.
Relative Humidity: 10 to 90 percent, non-condensing.
Efficiency 95%
MTBF >50K hours at PSU(temp) < 55-60 Celsius
Size 44.5mm(L) x 20mm(W) x 30mm (H) (1U compliant)
Weight 45gramms, including cable harness, 20 grams without cable harness.
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90W 12V DC-DC Mini ATX power supply