Automotive 90W 6V-24VDC input ATX Power Supply
 Part Number: M1-ATX   SKU Number: 2023
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Automotive 90W 6V-24VDC input ATX Power Supply
Automotive 90W 6V-24VDC input ATX Power Supply

  • ATX, 6-24V wide input range
  • 90W
  • Intelligent shutdown controller
  • ON/OFF motherboard control
  • Survives vehicle engine cranks
  • Battery deep discharge prevention
  • High efficiency, 90 watts output
  • Works with car batteries
  • "Anti-Thump" Amplifier remote control
  • Automotive fuse (mini-blade)
  • ROHS compliant version

M1-ATX is an intelligent vehicle (car, boat, electric cart, etc) 12V DC-DC ATX PC power supply designed for car pc applications. Designed to provide power and to control the ON/OFF switch of a motherboard (car PC) based on ignition status, M1-ATX is a wide input (6-24V) vehicle or car DC-DC ATX power supply capable of surviving tough car engine cranks (down to 5.7V) as well as transient over-voltage situations.

The M1-ATX comes with complete cable harness consisting of:
- ATX cable extender plus HDD and Floppy power (9inch)
- Power input cable harness terminated in 0.25' fastons (12inch, AWG18)
- 2 pin M/B on/off power ON control wire harness (9inch)
- set of LBJ (little black jumpers) to control various power sequencing schemes
Just connect it to your car / boat / RV battery and power up your PC!

M1-ATX has 8 user selectable microcontroller driven timing modes, allowing you to choose up to 8 ignition/shutdown vehicle / car pc timing schemes via a built-in shutdown controller. By removing all user-selectable jumpers, M1-ATX becomes a traditional PC PSU with no ignition control (shudown controller bypassed) and it can be used in non-vehicle computer applications.

Even if your computer is totally OFF, a PC will still consume a few hundered milliwatts, needed to monitor PC ON/OFF status. When the computer (car pc) is in the suspend/sleep mode, it will consume even more power, because the RAM needs to be powered at all times. The power consumption in the suspend mode is few watts. No matter how big your car battery is, it will eventually drain your vehicle / car battery in a matter of days.

While in deep sleep mode, M1-ATX constantly monitors your car battery voltage levels, preventing deep discharge situations by automatically shutting down (using a buil-in shutdown controller) until battery levels reach safe levels again.

No more dead car batteries, no more computer resets during engine cranks, along with multiple timing schemes, small formfactor and very competitive price makes the M1-ATX the premier solution for dc-dc ATX vehicle / car PC power supply solutions.

M1-ATX is form factor compatible with all Casetronics enclosures.

NOTE: Do not try this PSU with Pentium 4s, works with all VIA mini-ITX boards and some low power Pentiums and AMDs, please check your motherboards specs and make sure that the CPU is not getting V(core) from the 12V rail, must be from the 5v rail. Stay away from motherboards that have 4 pin 12VATX connectors, that that is a good indication that the M/B is using 12V for V(core).

*Units starts failing at ~115 Celsius. Operating at temperatures above 85C / 185F will drastically reduce the MTBF.
When operating at high temperatures, must reduce PSU load by 25-50%.

Main Specifications
Input voltage 5.7VDC - 26VDC
Min startup voltage 8VDC
Output Wattage 90W
Deep-Discharge shutdown threshold 11V
Input current limit (fuse protected) 10A
Power Ratings
(Max Load = 92 Watts)
Output Rail Current (Max) Current Peak
(<60 seconds)
Ripple (V p-p) Regulation
5V 10A 12.5A 50mV +/- 1.5%
5VSB 10A 12.5A 50mV +/- 1.5%
3.3V 1.5A 2A 50mV +/- 1.5%
-12V 0.15A 0.2A 150mV 10-%
12V 2A 2.5A 200mV 1.5%

NOTE (5V and 12V rail combined should not exceed 50Watts)
Total Max power=92Watts
When operating at 24V or extreme temperatures, de-rate to 80Watts or lower, ventilation will be required.

Input fuse Mini-Blade fuse, 10A
Operating temperature -40 to +85* degrees Celsius
Efficiency >90% on 3.3,5,5VSB ~80% on 12V
MTBF 192,000 hrs @ 55C, 96,000 hrs @65C
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Part Number:M1-ATX
Automotive 90W 6V-24VDC input ATX Power Supply