IVC-100 4 Channel 30fps Total Video Capture Card
 Part Number: IVC-100-RS-R20   SKU Number: 2141
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IVC-100 4 Channel 30fps Total Video Capture Card
IVC-100 4 Channel 30fps Total Video Capture Card
IVC-100 4 Channel 30fps Total Video Capture Card
  • 386SX-40 CPU on board>Pain-free extension for multi-card system:
    When starting out with a DVR system, it can be surprising just what level of growth your surveillance system will reach. By choosing the IVC-100G, you can expand your surveillance area with no extra reconfiguration of your DVR system. As long as you have a free extension slot for accommodating new cards, you can easily add more "eyes" watching herever you most need them.
  • Smart ID number for easy system maintenance:
    With an LED attached to each IVC-100G, you can assign a unique number to each card in your DVR system with which to associate the surveillance area. Should something go wrong in a specific area, you can easily check out the system and replace it with a new card.
  • Linux Application Development Support
    By offering system integrators a Linux driver and SDK, QNAP has established a foundation for customers to develop competitive applications both quickly and cost-effectively.
  • General Purpose Input Output (GPIO):(Optional)
    The GPIO connector allows users to connect external I/O devices such as a sensor, light, alarm, switch, etc... for any kind of external control that may be required.
  • GPIO Application
    For example, you can control the spotlight over a doorway at nighttime via the GPIO connection whenever the motion detector has been triggered. Then you don't have to worry about the recording quality when someone intrude the surveillance area at night time.
Ordering Information
IVC-100 4 Channels Video Capture card(30 FPS)
IVC-100G 4 Channels Video Capture card(30 FPS) with GPIO module
Main Specifications
Function PCI Single Universal Board
Plug and Play, 4 channel video capture card
Analog Video Capture Engine Conexant Fusion TM 878A
NTSC/ PAL / SECAM Video Decoding
Input/Output Interface Vedip Input:pin connector for 4 channels BNC Connector
Video Output : One channel Video Output selected from the driver GPIO: 4 inputs and 4 outputs (use CT-800 GPIO daughter board)
Functionality Support Multiple Video Resolutions
NTSC: 720x480, 704x480, 640x480, 352x240, 320x240,176x112
PAL: 720x576, 704x576, 640x576,352x288, 320x288, 176x144
Capture Frame Rate-Max 30 fps for 4 channels
Support Video Loss Detection Multi-screen support
Support resolution adjustment
Support image brightness, contrast, and saturation adjustment
LED for card ID configuration and identification
Software Support
Provide WDM driver and SDK for developer
Supporting OS
Window 98 SE, ME, 2000, XP,Linux
Power Consumption: 3.5W@5V
Operating Temperature: 0~ 50oC
Board Size: 120.19mm x 100m
I/O Interface 2 x RS-232
2 x PS/2 KB/MS
Drive Interface 1 x IDE PIO-4
1 x FDD
Audio N/A
SSD DiskOnChip
Power Consumption
+5V@1.1A (4MB EDO RAM)
Watchdog Timer Software programmable supports 1 ~ 220 seconds system reset
Operation Environment Temperation Range 0 ~ 60ºC
Relative Humidity 5 ~ 95%, non-condensing
Dimension 380(W)mm X 125(L)mm
Weight GW:900g
IVC-100G Datasheet
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Part Number:IVC-100-RS-R20
IVC-100 4 Channel 30fps Total Video Capture Card